SOLID STONE INC.                                                                                          

Custom Fabrication & Installation of Natural Stone



Solid Stone Inc. draws from over 70 years combined experience to provide the guidance, expertise, and execution to get your job done the right way the first time. We offer the following services:

          -Commercial Bar Tops

          -Commercial Storefronts

          -Bathroom Vanities

          -Reception Countertops

          -Kitchen Countertops

          -Shower Walls

          -Furniture Tops

          -Crests & Emblems

          -Crests & Emblems
          -Bathroom Tub Deck & Shower Surrounds
          -Walls & Floors
          -Fireplaces (indoor and outdoor)
          -Thresholds & Sills
          -Elevator Walls
          -Stair Treads & Risers
          -Tables & Bases
          -Soap Boxes
          -Swimming Pool Copings
          -Built-in Drain Boards
          -Cutting Boards

110 Cidermill Ave., Building A

Concord, Ontario

L4K 4L9